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    He was equally excited and he was nervous too.What could have been better; a warm lighting inside the café, drizzle which knocks the windows to get inside the cafe,dusky sunset,all these elated the romance to 100 percent.He was equally worried because she has not yet reached.He wore a nice blue denim and a pearl white shirt,because he knew she would love those.He didn't compromise on anything which could make her happy.He did everything to the finest to avoid any blunders which could collapse the romantic mood.The clock's ticking and his cellphone showed no signs of life without any notification.He adjusted his watch which she presented him on His birthday and he wore it everywhere he could.It was a brown leathered watch from a well known brand.He could clearly see that it was a quite longer wait time than usual.He felt like stranded at midst of so many couples and his brain played all kinds of negative vibes on loop mode.Adding fuel to his fire,She didn't pick up the 25 th call he was giving which replies with a weird silence on the other end. This was his dream.Eating a dinner or something with his beloved on a romantic setup was his Ecstasy.He was very much prepared and he took pains to arrange something like this one after so many struggles.While he was pondering over so many negativity his face relaxed seeing her.She was stunningly dressed with a white top and a blue jean.
    He was equally worried that how many preying eyes would she have crossed to reach him.This made him angry but he was lost on the moving beauty which made him uncomfortable.She tied her hair into a tight pony tail which went to and fro to west and east made him go up to Heaven.Her childish face changed into more cute when she uttered sorry a million times as she walked towards him.He scanned her from Head to Toe which he could finally find no fault in God's creation and even she added the at most beauty and her Elegant walk would make even many girls jealous.He was proud that He had her.The most beautiful,charming girl as his soulmate.She finally reached him and sat in front of him and she adjusted her hair with a clutch which made him go from Normal to crazy that he was mesmerized in how the hair flowed to and fro like a waterfall.All these ended when the waiter intervened and asked for their order.He could smell a sweet nectar fragrance which filled the room and She smiled by saying, New perfume,nice na? He wondered at her ability to read minds so easily.She smiled at his expression of awe on his face.He could not believe that these many years have passed and still she could be the same magic charm,she was also equally surprised at him that he became so much charming.Both started to speak number of things which made their two hearts more closer they were in their 11 th standard.He was so afraid to speak to her because the whole class thought them as lovers so to maintain a distance he kept quite always.This even created a mental wall which He could never dared to cross.On the other hand She was surprised why he acted so weirdly when She was around.All She could do is help him during exams and that's it.Both did not let out their feelings because they were afraid that it would destroy their hand held friendship.So they didn't dare to reveal each other their feelings.She completed her schooling and joined her higher education on a top reputed college outside the city and He joined in his dream course.They could not contact thereafter which made a huge gap between.After he got placed in a good company where he paid handsome he accidentally bumped on her once in the mall where he usually hangs out.Then the above mentioned things happened in a jiffy.Ok flashbacks apart let's return to.the climax. They parted with a promise that they will meet on every week end.They exchanged their numbers,not only the numbers but their two lovable cute lil hearts have been misplaced within them without their knowledge and the raindrop which knocked the window earlier,chuckled and drifted apart.
    Hey guys,you could also have felt this things somewhere,sometime.If yes leave a comment and shower some love.Thank you for your time.

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