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    ~• Saudade for Spring •~

    You're a room,
    dressed in pink curtains,
    and mauve bed sheets.
    Your cherry blossom candles,
    and rose champagne glasses,
    that dulce aftertaste,
    somehow makes me weep.
    A handful of flowery,
    sweet daydreams,
    too sublime to last long.
    So I suffocate them,
    beneath my throat,
    mistaking them for,
    sober hallucinations,
    sweet enough to succumb
    to oddly bitter pills.

    You're a sky,
    dressed in dawn,
    but why do you lament,
    such a dusky melancholy?
    Magnolias whisper,
    your windy wisps,
    amidst subtle pastel days,
    you bury cataclysmic nights.
    But how long will you hide,
    your tragedy from twilight,
    when the aurelia covers,
    everything wide?

    You're an ocean,
    of dainty seashells,
    hiding meekly,
    beneath the weighing sand.
    I picked you up,
    on my scarred palms,
    but you were too delicate,
    to adorn my scars.
    A world too colossal,
    for your timid strides,
    so you are rather safe,
    in the sandy hide.

    You're the mangata,
    of some selenophile's dream,
    struggling to get through,
    the moon's heavy tides.
    Oh the poets,
    might not see your grief,
    utopian fantasies,
    are all you define.
    And now who am I,
    to not let you go,
    after all you're too fragile,
    to even hold on to.

    But I'll wait eons,
    for your smiling warmth,
    a tragedy so pulchritudinous,
    a season so yearned for,
    yet so not loved.

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    "A smile that hides senile
    a season that cries,
    in swarming solitude"