• doctorpoet 15w


    I saw a girl crying in a car fighting with her boyfriend ..

    I Randomly left that place

    Again I saw one girl in a very happy mood holding her hands around him on bike

    Curiosly I asked that girl ? Why you are happy with him ??... with lots of gap , she said!!!!!!!
    I am giving all my sorrows and my problems through a hug ,and earning love from his lovely warmth ....

    I am very very impressed with that words ,... and I understand the reason behind the girls cry in car

    In cars ..we have lots of distance between us ..how can she take love from him ? How can she convey her problems with him with that distance ....????????

    To win a girls heart she don't need a costly dresses , gifts , five star restaurant dinners
    Because Things will broke ,tear or disappear but can we delete or destroy memories and moments we have spent ,,..never I whispered to my soul

    Girls really need a long drive with her loved ones sometimes ...its a girl thing ,only girls can understand that feeling

    Understand her properly , give little surprises, give some freedom to her,never criticize her ,......

    If u give her a little things ...she will be ready to give her entire for the rest of the life ,,that's girls love

    In these days Small distance also kills a relationship... dont give a little chance to even AIR to enter between you.....

    With little tears I whispered to myself that

    Love can be modifiable....

    @ Dr.Lavanya ❤