• selenophilic_873 44w


    Another day ended in cradle of night
    The skies made way for the approaching moonlight
    The stars gleamed near the bay
    Yet another end to a day

    The trees creeped out forming shadows
    The whispers of night slow
    The lightened lamp on nearby street
    Where echoes were destined to meet

    The flawed scared night roared
    The tides were banging the shores
    The silent murmurs of the atmosphere
    Making my body shiver

    They said I suffered from a fear unknown
    Yet the voices of void felt known
    I knew there played my demons
    But what to do if I myself were a demon

    The evil black mystic night
    My tears and sobs waiting for light
    They said I was nyctopgobic
    But what if my inner demons were nyctophilic