• nawikrita_t_rai 124w

    Building up the wall

    I stood alert, secure and warm
    Inside the 'newcomer' wall that I'd form'd
    But with each kind word that she spoke
    And all his smiles broke
    The ice that lay frozen since ages
    The threshold that opened only in my pages;
    I laid down one by one the bricks from my wall
    And one after another did the insecurities crawl,
    Some plotted, smuggled and left
    Bereft of words and courage, I couldn't voice the theft;
    I saw them holding hands, and turning their backs
    The damage is done and my body is holding up its cracks
    A tear here, a bruise there
    A broken bone, a broken heart, yet a murmur of a prayer.

    Men and women with their masks on
    But they forget their gloves and leave fingerprints all around
    And some reckless words of 'trust' and something to do with appearances and faces.
    I pick them up, my runover bricks of experience
    And now resilience.
    The wall is built high for a goodbye
    They stay out and I'll be in with my own affair
    Building up the wall, their words as I recall
    And it scares me recalling
    Of how close I came to falling.