• crazeycat_in_d_rain 60w

    Ode to Lost Twin

    We shared the same room
    Our blood an amalgamation
    I rejoiced for you, you loved me,
    I loved you, we were a team!

    I hoped we'd be together
    To celebrate together
    But we weren't meant to be
    Dwindling days of joy
    I protested your mortal death

    Hands held tight, eyes forced shut
    Your soft struggles, shook me hard
    Lulled me to a deep sleep
    Entwined, limb for wane limb
    You withered from our watery bed

    I still remember that dark hour
    When I lost you forever
    The doctors told mother
    My heart missed some beats
    What they didn't tell was
    That I had lost myself too

    I've stayed in touch since
    What I do and what I don't
    Everything... is about you
    My life is a song for you

    I wish you were here
    When I need you most
    Others tell me what to do
    Whatever I do, they find fault
    They never get tired, being mean,
    Using, abusing and faking love

    I wish you were here, by my side
    Together we could've stared
    And nobody would've dared

    You know, I ...would've died for you
    But you died on me . . .
    Now I'm dying alone.
    Unlike what people say,
    I'll never get over you . . .
    With time, I'll get to you.