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    We met in Paris
    At a party on ferris.
    By mere chance
    We happen to dance.
    I was startled
    As her eyes sparkled.
    I asked her for a date
    She said it's already late.
    We will meet again mate
    If it's in our fate.

    6 months passed...

    I was in Rome
    Went there to roam.
    Had watched ROMAN HOLIDAY
    got curious in a way.
    Lo and behold.
    She was standing under a tree old.
    I waved my hand
    She waved hers too.
    We also exchanged smiles few.
    Is it fate or luck by chance.
    How about second time dance?
    She smiled and a dance it was
    But inbetween she took a pause.
    I am here only for a day.(she said)
    After looking at my face
    She said not to worry we may meet
    at some other place.

    4 months later...

    I was in Mumbai
    Attending to a delegation from Dubai.
    I saw her again at the hotel's reception.
    Now I was sure that we have some connection.
    What are you doing in this hotel?
    She was surprised to see me again.
    Her smile was making me go insane.
    You have to now agree that it's our fate.
    We have to somehow go out on a date(I said)
    I don't think it's the case
    May be it's another pl***
    I didn't let her complete the word.
    Just held her and kissed .
    Though my heart acted like a timid bird
    I hope she did not got pissed.
    After the act
    I was not sure how she will react.
    She just turned and started walking
    With herself she was talking.
    I stood there watching her go.
    Maybe it was a forever no.
    At a distance she stopped and stood still.
    I got so nervous, heart pounding in thrill.
    For a while she seemed as if in slumber.
    And then she turned back , to my sheer surprise
    She asked for my number.

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    It dosent
    whether you
    are at home
    or in Rome.
    If love is in
    your fate.
    You will
    find your