• heartofbabel 51w

    [ Illusions ]

    Not afraid of strife, war
    Bloodshed, destruction
    I was raised with this in my life
    It is the source of my corruption
    I've seen flags, wave
    The praises of this nation
    As bombs blast across the land
    And third worlds were degraded

    Not afraid of guns, death
    Terror, segregation
    It was preached from the pedestal
    And met with ovations
    One nation, under
    The authority of integration
    Indoctrinating the minds
    Of every single generation

    But yet, still
    They instruct me to be fearful
    Too afraid to rule my life
    And in a system to be cheerful
    Too afraid to become native
    Lest the trail I lead comes tearful
    They don't want me to question
    And of that I get an earful

    But every single year, full
    Of war and endless spending
    Berating and inflating
    All the wealth I've earned, descending
    I'm pretending life is great
    We're all so fake and condescending
    Got a mask over my face
    While underneath I'm comprehending

    That the rule I know's a monster
    Claustrophobic as it conquers
    Given power from the people
    Who were birthed to be the sponsors
    Waste their whole life with no honor
    For the mindless never ponder
    They just sing their petty anthems
    As their patronage is conjured

    A smoke-screen, daydream
    Living in illusion
    That the State is very great
    Indoctrinated and deluded
    No life to be uprooted
    Suffocating and polluted
    The existence of the State
    Is just death in conclusion

    And like sheep you follow
    Marching to the slaughter
    Submitting to a system
    That wants to slay you on the altar
    A bloodshed culture
    Preying like the vultures
    It is here you lift you praise
    Build your monuments and sculptures

    You have failed to remain human
    Embraced the cult of corruption
    And committed life to ruin
    No hopes of every straying
    From the State, no revolution
    For you're enraptured in deception
    Completely lost in the illusions

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel