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    She is the muses that you are afraid to write.

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    In her sylvan heart
    She harbored
    The unknown fears
    That surrounded her

    She is a melange of
    Dried leaves and cluster of flowers

    She paeaned to the clouds
    And talked to the demure ocean
    About her
    Scattered sentiments

    She is dried blood of verses
    Under the nails, after a war of poems

    She levitated
    On her way to the
    Mystique dreams
    When the fatal sleep consumed her

    She is phases of the moon
    And twinkle of a prominent star

    She closed her eyes
    To stop the tears of midnight
    And salted
    The wounds of her words

    She is an euphonious melody
    And an addictive song

    She let her eyes bled melancholy
    And lacerated the walls
    She built around herself
    And breathed air of destruction

    She is labyrinth in a hazy head
    And obscure routes of thoughts