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    While sauntering through the silent street
    I crave to hold your hands, hear your voice
    Listen to your endless tales and compliments
    Whisper each other's names to December rain

    While starving to taste the holy fragrance of love
    I yearn to stroke the blue skies with your little fingers
    Through your simmering eyes, My love
    I'm dying to witness the graceful fairy tale

    While thinking about traveling to another
    Part of the world, you come to my thoughts
    We wander through the woods of the verdant
    Forest to the peak of mesmerizing Mt. Everest

    While gazing at the moon at midnight, emptiness
    Gulps me, I miss you staring at me, playing with
    My mind distracting me, while I try counting
    The infinite number of stars that twinkle in union


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