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    Happy Birthday Sanam. Stay Blessed. ��

    A trivial dedication to you @fromwitchpen

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    Her Pen

    I can hear her scribbling Pen
    spill over the last galaxy's edge

    The corners of the Universe
    stretch and morph around
    the trillion quanta of light
    that her magick
    scatters along the milky way

    Time bends and collides
    with here a star
    and there a constellation
    in the firmament of less traversed dreams

    A star of Osiris' belt
    falls over the traces of night
    and another star collapses
    into itself
    pulling my ruminations
    into her inkpot
    holding infinity

    Such were the times
    under the canopy of stars
    in a Topaz sky
    torn by the jagged edges
    of a crescent moon
    that I spent in idle contemplation
    of the distances
    measured only
    by her pen
    verse by verse

    Either way,
    what is poetry
    but the ephemeral symphony
    of her scribbling pen
    in the celestial universe?