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    "See a fat boy is coming, c'mon let's serve him.." a boy named Rocky peeped into verandah and informed the whole class Jerry's arrival.
    He started roasting Jerry "Where are you going to be placed ?" Gerald encouraged that comment "We are so curious to see how you adjust in a single seat!!"
    Jerry said them Innocently "I am a newbie here and very glad to meet y'll my dear friends."
    "No, no, no we are not your friends in anyway mate. We cannot be your friend!" Louie said.
    Jerry left the classroom and got in along with his mom and he sat on the first seat as his mom Sarah pointed.

    When whole students of class third were discussing on what they would play after the interval Jerry suggested them to play football.
    A thin boy playing with a compass in his hand said : that's a good idea!
    No one disturbed the suggestion and after the interval when everyone reached playground a boy flirting with a girl babbled "If you fall, we may see you as a football or when you run for the football we may kick you so it's better you not to come Jerry !!" The entire class started clapping to support it. Jerry felt it badly and he stepped out of the playground.

    While returning from school in evening his senior accompanied him. They both waited for a cycle rickshaw for around 15 minutes and finally got one.
    "You are taking more of the seat Jerry, learn to adjust with yours!!"
    Jerry studying in standard third was advised in front of an aunty in his neighborhood by a senior. He felt it very badly and attempted to give a lame smile at his teacher. His neighbor neither smiled back nor responded to it, he who quietly sat on the cycle rickshaw. When they reached their hometown his neighbor got out of the cycle rickshaw at first and said to Jerry's senior pointing to Sam : "Some people do not maintain themselves, obesity maybe either a curse or a challenge."

    Eight year old Jerry hardly picked up a pumpkin with his whole hands when his big brother was paying the cash. Jerry looked around and assured if anyone watching him.
    He whispered like in its ears "Will you be a loyal friend to me ?" Suddenly another vegetable seller checking their loads behind the brick wall moved the floral curtain and laughed at him saying: "You can only befriend with a jackfruit not even with a pumpkin my child." Five of the people except the deaf old man who sat in a plastic chair alongside there bursted out into laughter.

    "Mamma something happened today and bravely I acted. Do you know that mamma ?
    You were asking me to stop learning swimming and start working on tennis na..
    I saved a little boy aged 5 drowning in the swimming pool of our school today."
    Jerry sighed.

    "What! What my child!!
    I am dumbstruck. What did you do ?
    Wasn't there any other to save him ?
    What would I do if something happened to you ?" Sarah asked him shockingly.

    "When we gathered in the basket ball court so many students were running towards the swimming pool side. Everybody there was confused even teachers were in a standstill. I suddenly dived into the pool and saved him mamma" he explained.

    What did the teachers do Jerry ? Sarah asked him while grabbing him.
    "There were only two teachers mamma and they were screaming along with other children."

    But how did lower class children came there ?
    "No mamma, it's not. There was a parental meeting of class 1/2 today and that child was the brother of somebody from class 1/2."
    Sarah embraced him with proudness.
    "You did something great you know!!"
    She kissed and hugged her beloved child.
    Tears were trickling down from her eyes.

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