• happy__me 33w

    His Dream Killed Him

    Part 4:

    Dharun finally entered the medical college. Even though his rank wasn't that great, his dedication and his will to serve the society was un parallel. He felt like a grain of sand in the sea shore seeing the people in college. Starting with ragging and cafetaria he started to adjust with the new lifestyle. It was difficult for him. But he was here for a reason. He was here for his father. He was here for his Dream! Soon after he joined, he made good friends. His financial condition on other hand was getting worse. His mom suffered from constant fever and remained ill most of the time. But he never gave up. He studied hard with his notes but he needed textbooks to pass. But he wasn't in a situation to afford them. So he went to library one day to ask for the books. Librarian saw his badge that read " Dharun Yagnik", and gave 2 textbooks. When Dharun asked for more, he said
    "You get only 2 books. You might be here based on merit. But you belong to general category. What is your caste?" Dharun was shocked hearing this. " I don't know sir. All I know is I want to be a doctor and serve society and save people. The more i read, the more i learn. Please lend books".
    Librarian giggled and said " The books might rot in here. But I won't give it to you. I follow the rules. Either study on your own or fail. I don't care."
    Dharun was heart broken. He didnt oppose. He didn't utter a word. He took the 2 books and saw librarian's name on the desk. It read
    "Mr. Sarkar, Librarian, Medical University". He was about to leave but heard his friend Joseph's voice from behind. " Dude! Turn on the internet. There is a new virus thats causing large deaths. They say its Covid 19!"