• iamsnehanshu 81w

    Just outside it was a different world
    A world from travel books
    From dreams you don't want to end or
    Where the movies say romance happen
    A sanctuary of peace in my head

    And I was there, for the first time
    To feel it, to touch it, to breathe it
    The mountains were not just real
    They were some few miles away
    I was a part of it at this moment

    That morning was a bit misty
    as I wiped off it from my glasses
    And then I saw the majestic scene
    white snow like veins on the forehead
    And a greenish subtle undertone

    It was still a photograph with a frame
    A frame of clouds, of mist, of miles
    This time the brown was different too
    The snow was whiter, like purity, different
    From what I had painted in my drawing

    What would I take home of this, I wondered
    If at all anything, would the colourful flags
    Or the brass artwork be of any value
    Once it loses, not it's colour or glitter
    But is fragrance of the brown and white