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    Yesterday saw us losing a very talented young and cheerful mirakeean who was all of twenty one. May his soul be at peace. It is a deep personal loss for each of us . He had touched our lives in his unique and special way. He is deeply missed.

    Life has taught me that we can never let grief, sadness and disappointments engulf us, we have our own syllabus to complete. Time and tide stops for none and life must go on. It may sound selfish or even cruel to say that, but that's the truth. Remember that death cannot end our bond. The sweet memories will help us to pull through.

    However if we get into the trap of melancholy then we will be a burden to ourselves.

    Writersbay word of the day melancholy.

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    Loss of my friend who was just twenty one,
    or the constant ill health of my loved one,
    Failing repeatedly in my numerous attempts,
    when in the slot of success, I was exempt.
    When I open my eyes and look around,
    there is terrible grief and sadness abound,
    make me wonder if it will every turn around,
    are we cursed to be always underground.
    It is very easy to slip into deep melancholy,
    and sit in the corner and  act cowardly,
    sorry, I have been tutored differently,
    and I am born to always think positively.
    Insults, losses, disease and death ,
    are all part of life like our breath,
    each has lessons in life’s school we enroll,
    why worry about things not in our control?
    I dont have the luxury of being depressed,
    I have work to do, how can I get digressed,
    I can't allow myself to be sad or dejected,
    I would rather focus on what I am blessed.
    When situations are hurled, big and small,
    I won’t analyse or try to figure them all,
    I will take it in my stride and smash them all,
    like the player hitting sixers with every ball.
    Life keeps challenging me every single day,
    call it fate or even a divine play,
    NO! NO! I will not commit the grave folly,
    Never will I get trapped by melancholy.