• diamondintherough 14w

    Don't Go Unchanged

    Corruption in our youth,
    the government hides
    the lies... Afraid of truth.
    Why do we believe what's
    on TV without diehard proof?

    Is it because the one's
    with hire power get paid
    by the hour. Does that mean
    we have to become cowards?

    Speak up let your voices
    be heard, give hope to
    the less fortunate with
    your encouraging words.

    A Slave... To the pen and
    pad I'm reading books full
    of knowledge, kids in third
    world countries never had.

    It's sad how the economy
    looks down on us, relying
    on fiction to get by. So much
    poverty in the world no one
    cares who lives or dies.

    Why??? Is happiness and
    success far from reach, and
    how to make it in this world
    isn't something schools teach.

    Even though some dreams
    are far from range, all I ask
    is that we don't leave this