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    Heart : I realised that my soul is so drawn towards nature
    Conscience : Hmm really?

    Heart : Yes.. And especially when you shared the BBC
    nature documentary ; Earth From Space. Its episode 3
    on Patterned Planet.
    Conscience : Ah yes. And I share good contents!

    Heart : I appreciate! And yes we gotta save the corals!
    Conscience : Yes. I will have to research more on this.
    It's going to be purely preserving the eco system,
    restoring the corals.
    Heart : I really think you should do it. I really do.

    **She can't swim at all, but she is always intrigue by the ocean. Having constant recurring dream of a whale swimming beside her for many many years and that sense of calm when she sees anything that shows the ocean deep. Yes she has that fear of water. Fear of a thousand fear of drowning. And guess what!?
    I'm a week's time she will be on her solo trip to a langkawi and she has already signed up for the scuba diving and snorkeling.. And Yes she can't even bloody swim. Tame your fears they say. Let's see how it goes! And yes!We must save the coral reef! **

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    We must save the coral reef!