• souravsahu 55w

    Dear October,

    It's 8:40 PM and it's dark all around. It showered for a while here and now there's a a soft wind gushing in through the window of my room while the town is facing a blackout. You remember that day you people had a blackout in Ashoknagar and you were just obsessed with a story you'd read. Strangely enough, I am reminded of that day, and now I am missing you even more. Well, not that you are longing for me in your house while reading a cheesy Sparks novel, and not that I am going to get a call from you any minute, with you sobbing in a squeaky voice, 'You know what, this girl in the story just died! She was so adorable! Can you please come over. I think I need to see you!' Well, I know I am not hearing from you any time soon. Although, I would do anything to share some time with you on your terrace, ridiculing you for your choice of books while you would retaliate in your momentarily meek voice, 'She died! And they were so deeply in love. And all you can do is just laugh at it.' That day when you'd cried after you'd finished reading 'A walk to remember!', I should not have stopped cracking jokes about the story, I should not have stupidly cried with you while re-reading the end of the story. I should have rather made you laugh with whatever jokes I could have made on Landon, Jamie, and their phoney story. If only I had known that that story was going to be more than just a story to me, I would have found more funny elements so as to keep you laughing for all the time you were still left with. But no, I sat there comforting you with the interpretation that may be Jamie was alive, as the story does not explicitly tells of her death, especially stressing over the hint of life given in that one line of the story, although I didn't believe a word about miracles. But you kept crying! I am overwhelmed by how time has turned on me, and how I have a story where these two people were deeply in love and then the girl just departs. I wish I could call you, and tell, 'You know what, this girl in my story just died! She was so adorable! Can you please come over. I think I need to see you!' Huh! I so want to believe every word of that line from that stupid novel now. I have tried to convince myself endlessly, that, may be you are still there. And may be some day when I get a call from you, I could tell you with tears and smiles, that, 'October, I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen. It's 8:50 PM and it's dark all around.

    Your ugly,