• thelostsoul_writes 55w

    Not her Rainbow

    The rainbow in the sky
    Love filled clouds
    All the colors in her eyes
    Reminisce of the smiles
    His lips brought to her,
    All that was
    And all that is
    Fading into all that will be
    Something of him,
    Nothing at all,
    That rhythm of the heart
    Rhyme of his voice,
    Everything so ever surreal
    Under that beautiful sky,
    All this rain when it pours
    Citing her of all the love,
    With each drop falling on her skin
    Crawling down her spine,
    Like reciting his love,
    Blood gushing through her cheeks
    Like his fingers moving,
    Her eyes filled
    All those colors
    Red yellow green
    And violet of those flowers
    Which bloomed and withered
    Like his love,
    All that blue of the beautiful sky
    All that was
    All that will be
    That love that was his
    For her love was still,
    Still in that rainbow that was there
    Outside the window
    Him besides, sneaking closer
    Not anymore though,
    May be in reflection of her mind,
    Although it's raining still
    All those colors
    Nor that she can see the rainbow
    Or him,
    And it rains still,
    Not that everything is same
    She is not,
    All the colors are there
    And also the rainbow,
    Just not
    In Her Sky.