• shadesofyu 13w


    "Care" she told me,
    "What to care about?" I asked her.
    "About people, places, things, love, life," she replied.
    "Does everyone care about that?" I asked her again.
    She laughed at first, then she looked at me,
    Her laughter turned into a something which looked like suddenly a breath was taken away,
    "Why?" She asked me again
    I had no response to that,
    I couldn't feel anything,
    For even when she came to comfort me,
    What had happen to me, I asked her?
    She stared at me,
    She tried to look me in the eye,
    In the depth of another life through them,
    The life she saw, she moved back,
    Turned around,
    Looked around
    Then she pinched me,
    "Did you feel that?" She asked
    I said yes,
    "But no emotion," she replied,
    "You killed them all," she said
    I killed what?
    Something about feeling something, of joy, sadness, fear, doubt?
    And she- "the emotion" looked at me and said,
    Bring me back, for you without me, is a soul without a body.