• rodney 7w

    19th February, 2021.
    9:25 a.m.

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    Into my head, leading to my heart.

    I lost track of time,
    As I lost track of my life.

    I lost track of time,
    As I walked past my life behind.

    Mornings have become hard for me,
    Because your absence has stolen my happiness
    covering it with blinds.

    I'm unable to see, feel or hear what you can say.
    While I carry-on with my life, my back hurts with all
    that I've gotten to bear.

    I don't share this to get likes,
    I share this to empathize with readers' losses.

    For a life that's left this planet can only be visualised in

    For my life is thoroughly filled in grief but my smile
    envelopes it with grace.

    As long as I've lived, I've missed her every passing
    thoughts of my days.