• tomorrow_is_amazing 60w

    Letter to a friend

    "The world is completely different
    without you
    To show you
    That it cannot be the same place
    I would prefer
    To enjoy
    As joyful as would with you
    The comfort and the stability
    Of the heart
    As it has been with you
    With you I dive in the depths
    Of the world
    Without fear

    But you had stubbornly chosen to leave me
    Making my tears seem to be a friend
    In times which you went away

    You had chosen to hurt me
    Breaking my heart into thousands of pieces
    Making me think that you no longer love me

    But the truth has unveiled
    Earlier than I thought it would
    Maybe I love you more than enough
    And I forgot to love myself
    Or maybe something which I cannot see

    You are a deaf now to my laments,
    As this love belongs not to you
    Memories that you carry belongs not to us
    they have never meant to you
    As such you remain away from me

    I open your eyes,
    And see the truth in the hurt
    That I carry in my heart
    In the tears that flow from my eyes
    And in the pieces of my heart
    As they scattered,
    In choas
    On the floor!

    You waste no time, waste no opportunity,
    To throw my heart in the well of past
    And leave me
    As the rain abandoned the desert"