• kik__era 30w

    Home isn't always four walls
    made of bricks and stones,
    it isn't always scent of old
    doorknobs and rusty metal doors
    it isn't the taste of food
    cooked at 12 a.m
    and it doesn't have to be
    anything that the world thinks is fit
    to fall in the definition which it likes,
    because home can be
    anything that makes you feel alive.
    It can be warmth of someone's flesh,
    It can be your body, your mind
    anywhere your heart feels safe and fine,
    it can be the lines of some else's palms
    or the space between
    two of your favourite stars
    it can be your stretch marks
    or the curves of your thighs
    it can be a stranger's arms
    or when the clock hits nice,
    it doesn't have to be the closed doors
    and glass windows,
    it should be anything,
    anything that makes
    your heart feels safe,
    anything that makes you feel fine.

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