• sphesihle 22w

    Come to me

    I see him reaching out let him touch me.
    His as stretched out let them reach me.
    He sees ever tear drop and it pains him.
    My pain reaches him ten times hard,it worsens.
    He's my light at the end of the tunnel,he blesses me.
    Puts a smile on my sad heart he delights me.
    Knows me more than myself he invades me.
    Everyday he be watching over me, calling out to me.
    He knows my thoughts before I even think them.
    Knows what I want before I need it.
    And he offers to give all,only if I go to him.
    His patients never ends it's deeper than an ocean.
    His grace is abundant it flows like a river.
    A whisper now a loud voice," come to me.
    And in my embrace all sorrow shall vanish and a new life awaits you come to me."✨
    Let's go together ❤️