• poukii 35w

    When my phone ranged suddenly at 1:00am, I thought, again my life is going to be filled with colors.

    My long distance crush is calling me, ohh!! we are gonna to be the eternal amours.

    Never did I realised in your faceless embraces that,
    I am just another one for you.

    Never did I thought, your diamonds were made out of the grudge in blue.

    How can I forget your negging on those tremulous nights?,

    for you were my 'sweet rascal',who dipped me in the
    'Aboulomania' of frights.

    And now, in these squelching walls of auburn streets,

    I am drawing the graffiti of our savage love as streaks,

    using those wallflowers dipped in blood, from the graveyards of your memories,

    on the behalf of solitude splayed 'anhedonia',on my teeth.