• njram6 143w

    Trolaan poem
    Leaking out the angst and emotions
    Let my soul feel light
    Lack of energy gained by renovation
    Lachrymose and pink eyed during self fight

    Emerging out with varying shades
    Euphoria, painted a colourful art
    Every sorrow pages in life fades
    Eager to view the next part

    Magical strum gave a breakthrough
    Mysterious soul became lambent light
    Meandering light's flow,it's life's debut
    Misunderstanding of self,anointed to look bright

    Arising from the great fall
    Active and delighted was every moment
    And wrong prediction of life faded overall
    Ah,feeling relaxed and peaceful with excitement.
    © njram6

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    Relaxed and peaceful

    And wrong prediction of life faded overall
    Ah, feeling relaxed and peaceful with excitement