• zindagi_ke_lafz 55w

    Under the sky

    Under the sky you and me we laid
    Hoping to have talks and thoughts shared
    But little did I know that there will be silence
    Hoped to had our hearts out but we hold hands instead
    With the blanket of nature I close my eyes
    With stars like dim lights I hear the noise
    The noise of insects birds all together
    Seems to be so fortune to see magic here
    All dreams shatters as I question
    Is the dreams enough as world is so big
    And I am just a little creature here
    All ego burns down and walls of pride falls
    In a moment I realise I have everything I ever needed with all the fascinating view around
    Then I close my eyes in peace falling asleep
    Satisfied and happy having the best sleep I ever thought of in years
    Yes I say to myself I am happy and complete having a smile thanking this world deep down in heart for all the beauty I am able to see while I am still young to explore world