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    Ten years it has been. I am numb to clocks now. I cannot stand the tick tock. They scream your name.
    The batteries are dead. I haven't bothered to replace them.

    Eight years. The dust has begun to settle down on your photographs. I still glance at your face. But my eyes have learned to look for other things. I have learned to smile at other faces. Other photographs.

    Six years have passed. I built walls of granite when you left. The paint has started to peel off and the bricks are crumbling down. I think it's time I let the sunshine fall on my heart.

    Four years now. I have stopped counting the days. On some days, I can go three to four hours without thinking of you at all. Music has helped but I guess there's some truth to the *Time heals everything* saying after all.

    Two years. How long does it take to heal a scarred heart? Is it even possible to shed so many tears? How many sleepless nights does it take before the nightmares finally stop?

    Day zero.
    "Goodbye. The future is mine. The past is yours." And you were gone.

    - Avitaj

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    The future is mine. The past is yours.