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    i would rather weave poems
    with your leftover memories
    memories that i snatched away
    from the throat of a werewolf
    resting in the dense forest
    as he was gulping them.

    i would rather dance on barefoot
    with your leftover blood fondling on thy floor
    floor that was yawning to swallow
    those bright shoes of yours
    you kept in the wardrobe years ago
    before voyaging to the cerulean sky.

    i would rather whisper tales
    with your leftover bluish ink to the folios
    folios that are still grabbing
    the smoky fragrances of your cigar
    and the torn peripheries still whirling
    as the zephyr teases their body.

    i would rather paint the canvas
    with your leftover hues that lies
    lies about your perpetual bond with ecstasy
    hiding there millions of scars and wounds
    it recites about being blissful all the time
    but howls with shattered alphabets.

    i would rather knit the novel
    with your leftover sentences
    sentences that are all mismatched
    somehow waving about a pending death
    of a body that was embracing to vacate
    to the anatomy
    of canopies, of bushes,
    of oceans, of lakes,
    of skies, of rainbows,
    of animals or of plants but not
    of a human.