• miraii 11w

    Once, when I was young
    I had the life that I long
    For; free, happy and alive
    Without any worries or thrive
    For the future and life,

    No Border, war or animosity
    A world only of what I can see,
    Parents, siblings there for me
    Leading me to the brighter side
    Of the life, that I denied.

    Once, when I was young
    I longed to be a grown,
    Always wondered how beautiful
    Life would be; once I'm older.
    Driving, smoking, drinking
    Without anyone to obstruct
    For I'll be stronger.

    Travel as I desire.
    Live the dreams, I aspire.
    But the fate has conspire
    Left my desire on fire
    Made me a living satire

    Now that I'm older
    The world seem colder
    Not a single joyful folder
    Yearning for that loving shoulder
    That'll hold my pain afar, Oh mother
    How I've come so much further.

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    #writersnetwork #miraquill

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