• mcbee1200 60w

    Soldiers in White

    Days are dark and fearful
    The cloud of curse veiled
    The street and populated walls are emptied;
    And everyone is isolated
    No touch, no kiss, no hugs
    The virus has changed our lifestyle
    It sink down the fear in everyone
    Even just to show our smile.

    Yet you the caring hands of God
    The soldiers in white
    Through the valley of melancholic darkness;
    You are the fearless light
    For every breath you take
    Worth our breath of million times
    For, beneath the disease cloud
    You're the only silver line.

    You stand on the last line in the borders of life,
    On the edge of the cliff of death,
    Fighting for every falling soul
    And tries to hold their every last breath;
    Your silent tears and personal emotion buries
    Under your brave anx dedicating heart
    Laying your distance from your loved ones
    And torn your contact apart..