• cliches_cuddles_and_him 59w

    There are voices in my head
    that says the person you're in
    love with didn't deserve to be
    Because he believes being
    extrovert about ones feelings
    make them expect more.
    You now can't actually make
    him realise that how much he
    mean to you.
    You will breathe loneliness and
    he'd drag you down in the
    abyss of silence.

    As you sit across him,
    you won't be able to
    gaze at the world.
    You will not pour down
    your heart that's rusted
    with agonies.
    He will watch you battling
    with your impatience from a
    distance but won't help you.
    You burn yourself alive and
    scatter into million ashes and
    realise that death is also
    It won't read an epitaph for me.

    Next time when you are going
    to sit at the rooftop at 3 am
    wearing excitement to talk with
    someone who promised to be a
    good listener reminds you of
    someone who stained your thoughts
    by his 'I-don't-care' behaviour.
    You want to cuddle that person
    tightly and want your ribs to speak
    that how feeble they are feeling.
    You chose to nod, instead.
    You chose to laugh hiding
    your tears.
    Deep inside there are floods
    of sentences that deserve to
    be felt but they are in the
    shackles of 'Who cares'.

    You remind that when you
    got admired for your little efforts
    or when you slipped at the stairs,
    you almost shared every inch of
    your being with the person you
    trust the most.
    Now you are holding the world
    inside but don't want others to
    see its beauty, its pain,
    its insecurities.

    You are tired of whispering
    that I'm fine and those lies that
    don't want to come out of your
    But if this is what feels home
    or bring people closer to me,
    I'd choose to be an introvert forever.

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