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    Saw the night freezing in
    it's been days
    without feeling you,
    I'm gone back to the
    old ways once again
    or it's just a
    matter of another coincidence?
    oh girl, you tell me
    because my brain's paralyzed
    Thus, can't able to think
    right now
    Take my body
    so it can get your love
    He needs you
    so you can purify
    and wipe it clean
    so I can return to the old
    lovable times.

    Give me your hand,
    so I fall in love again,
    because you know
    I'm the best, when
    I'm with you,
    why you can't be here?.
    just tell me the reason
    Because I feel in fear
    If something happened
    to you,
    I would never forgive myself
    it's just the way
    it's meant to be
    I can't change anything
    about you
    it's just my heart
    which beats too much
    for you,
    and I won't stop it,
    even though I had too,
    if you loved me,
    why would you ever leave me?
    I miss you at every moment
    of my time,
    specially when you flew
    and never came back,
    without seeing me,
    That did numb me,
    I never told you so,
    you were just a happy princess
    smiling all the time
    How could I hurt you
    at that very moment of time?

    Come back for last time,
    so I can die in your
    open arms,
    Thus, I can lay my head
    and close my eyes,
    It would be the perfect
    moment for me
    to build my paradise,
    your hands would engulf
    all the pain,
    at my final stages of life,
    I would tell you,
    how much you mean to me,
    you would smile
    looking at me too,
    it will be the perfect wish
    I would hope
    when I'm gone far away,
    Therefore, you also would be
    with your guy
    I promise I would still
    protect you,
    you will never feel alone
    Even though when I'm gone.

    Ignore it, it's a stupid piece��

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