• hustlersdiary 14w


    I prayed for the sun
    And it rained
    I've drenched myself again
    I've chained my hands, with the chain of pain
    I tried so hard
    In the end, the loss is my gain.

    An ocean of dreams
    I chose a nightmare
    And wrote my name
    Few years feels like whole life,
    I changed, the world changed
    Still, everything remained the same

    They whisper I am the most shameless woman
    They want me to drown in shame
    To make it happen
    They sacrifice all of their shame

    The world is normal & sane
    True sanity lies in being insane
    Everyone is so good
    Whom should I blame
    Some are the masters
    Some don't even know there's a game

    The passengers who never belonged to any station
    Started living on the train.