• tokillabibliophile 104w

    Inside Out

    A misfit
    I'm the sad friend of the sad friend
    Who I am not friends with
    But good enough to be tagged in black and white photographs
    As a sidekick of sorts

    You'll see me etched into iron pillars
    Between the hearts and suicide notes
    And you still won't read my name
    Because I meant it that way

    But if you see closely
    Very closely
    You'll find a name there
    Written in black ink and blue blood
    The name's yours
    Sadly, I fooled you again

    I'm just the sad friend of the sad friend
    You don't know my name
    Nor should you want to
    Because if you did
    You would wish you didn't

    A misfit, it seems
    I took a paper today, and purple ink
    And placing them side by side
    I took a swill
    Let my name spill
    Off the skewed quill
    Only to see
    That there isn't any
    Just white paper,
    Purple peace
    Slow and still.