• muskaanbhatt_ 7w

    She was burnt alive

    She was burnt alive,
    She didn't know she was not going to survive,
    She was screaming in desperate,
    Her end time was so accurate,
    She was begging for her life,
    She thought she was not a good wife,
    She was kept in a locked room,
    She remembered,to her parents she was once a bloom,
    Then in no time the kerosene was brought,
    While she saying you will be caught,
    Showered with the kerosene,
    She said you will be seen,
    She felt the fire,
    And with painful smile she said you were a lier,
    Her body was melting down
    In her last breathes she said lord never again send me down,
    Her husband faking the tears,
    Calling the crowd come up stairs,
    meanwhile she knew she was not going to survive,
    And finally she burnt alive.