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    How do you hold grief
    that is not yours?
    How do you dig out the darkness
    from the heart of those you love just so
    that you can see that child
    like smile on their face again?
    I know that you cannot know
    what another is feeling but what if you want to?
    What if you wish you could so that
    You knew how to hold them?
    Why is love
    not enough ?
    Why is it of so varied a language
    this grief ? When you advice me to just
    be there for someone who is walking without
    light in their heart how can I not feel the urge also to
    Pour a little oil and show a small matchstick to
    That spent lamp in their heart?
    How do you really be there for someone who is lost
    Within themselves?
    Can you really? How do you let them know
    That when they are sitting alone wondering if they really matter in this world and to this world , you sit there alone
    Wishing you could tell them that the world matters to you only because they exist in it?
    How do you tell them that you are not going to
    walk away when they show you the monsters lurking in the soul because you have a few within yours too that you are trying to tame ?
    How can one human love another human when one is in darkness and the other doesn't know how to lead them to light?
    How can you tell them that the darkness may not be beautiful like they state in some novels but that they are beautiful even with the darkness because the darkness isn't them ?
    How do you tell them that you are unable to translate the pain written on their bones but you really wish you knew how to clean it all up with your tears ?
    Why isn't empathy gifted to all of us?
    Do you think it is the mercy of pain that it remains constricted to one heart alone when it infects it?
    Or do you think it is because we have grown numb to
    The reality living inside another being?
    How do you pick up the person you love up from the ground and sew up their wounds without making them feel torn and in need of such help?
    How do you tell that sewing isn't a help you are offering but it is your responsibility because your heart beats in tune with theirs and when one is out of tune no music can be created ever again until both are healed and in tune?
    How do you actually really fully be there for the people you love when we know that we are each fighting our own battles?
    And how do you tell them you love them but you don't know how to make them love themselves ?
    How do you
    Show them how they
    Look from your eyes so that they may know that
    It isn't the darkness that you are seeing but
    The heart that is holding it with so much courage and so much silence ?
    How is it that while
    They allow you to hold their love , they
    are so afraid to
    Allow their grief too to be held by you ?
    And if it is that they cannot see you burdened with their darkness , why isn't there a way to
    Letting them know that the burden of not knowing how
    To be there for them when they need you
    The most is the
    Biggest burden to carry of all?
    Finally how do you
    Teach time
    To heal wounds
    that are not seen but felt?
    By both the ones who carry it and ones who
    Wished they knew how to heal it?

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