• teriknows_it 60w


    To all those born between June 21, - July 22 this is what is bestowed to you,
    Although moody it's true,
    You will find yourself crying for the simplest of things too,
    A nurturing soul,
    With so much love to show,
    Fickled most of the time, but set in your ways,
    A good hearted person on most days,
    But can be strong as nails and won't take no shit,
    A comedian most of the time but when down and depressed you isolate a bit,
    Never wonder about our loyality as we are true til the end,
    Sometimes a little to sensitive and tear up real quick,
    Can see through the bull but confrontations are avoided I must admit,
    All in all you can mingle with any and all kinds,
    Just want harmony and to be loved and give love, Cancer this is your sign.