• cosines 28w

    Remember the day, those talks, those toffees, those russian salads, those samosas, several time we had. Addressing stalkers as bhains, bakri ( Wo Komal ki bachi) used to be one of our favourite things. Those Lame wordplays with senior , some childish efforts to fix Maulie here, i do remember and can retrace back exact as these things happened to us.

    [ Memorable one: That non-stop copy paste of random things in my comment box, What a cute revenge :D]

    After traversing many fake accounts, after watching constellations together all night, we made thousands of memories, Some of them are with me. Some of them are with you. Some are with both of us. I've lost that account, we used to talk on and annoy other night owls. Being little sad cause that was special :(

    So, no matter how insignificant we make things, they do affect us somehow. We were also. Things we'd never thought of,all happened to us. We faced all and learned that we won't let ourselves be affected by these filth.

    In such a crowd, there're only few, we crave for. we don't want anyone other than these. We always used to wait for eachother's words for our composition, as if it seems incomplete without. Time passed, things moved forward but I'm glad for the things between us are still same as before.

    Junior G, you're jack of all trades. No matter how lame your jokes are, they always make me laugh ( as we both genuinely respect our sense of humour)

    Je suis la personne la plus stupide qui soit jamais arrivée Vous, je ne sais pas comment je souhaite des gens au hasard avec beaucoup de mots et d'adjectifs. Parce que quand il s'agit de mon propre peuple, je suis toujours à court de mots. Je ne peux pas écrire exactement ce que je veux faire mais tu sais bien ce que je veux pour toi.

    Alors laissez-moi déposer tous mes souhaits, avec des boules de chocolat noir fondu sur le bout de votre nez,
    Joyeux 18th anniversaire, Junior G!
    @vivenne Nous vous aimons. ❤️

    Many Things are still left to drop here, ek baar likhte likhte exit ho gya tha :((

    Sowwy for being janbujhkr late

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