• hamzysiraj 48w


    Decades ago, I was given birth to the wicked world alone
    With no heart soother other than parents the mother earth
    My existence hadn't given any meaning
    I felt incomplete as an important rib or the sternum seems missing

    Then some thousands of days later, the foetus arrived
    Gallantly, he bounced unto the earth from the cervix
    As if the world has been his playing ground for centuries
    He navigates every nook and cranies of Mars' twin without fear

    I gazed at him, the aspirations blinded my imagination
    The courage isn't valuable, for danger seems like honey to him
    I still couldn't decipher if Samson could attain his gallant nature
    His dedication knows no boundaries
    For, He consumes food with great determination and dedication

    He arrived as my twin, He gave me hope
    He taught me to conquer enemy, as our fights were training
    He taught me to Hustle and be focused
    As our joint eating, struggling for meat, was tutorial.
    This is surely MY found MISSING RIB

    Dedicated to my Twin - Mustapha Oladimeji Sirajudeen

    ©Hamzah Sirajudeen
    (Stereo Hands)