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    Letter to a stranger

    A stranger I saw crying, one winter night.

    Hey stranger!
    Wondering who I might be? You'll know it by the end of this letter. Don't get shocked you don't know me, neither do I know you. But the last night, I saw you crying on the bridge. I don't know what you are going through but probably, it has been a hard day for you. But it's okay to cry in the public. In fact, you should. You should cry in the public.

    On one fine morning you wake up and go straight into the kitchen to prepare yourself a cup of coffee but you
    spilled the milk. "Ugh! What a bad start of a day", you think to yourself. You get ready and start to cook yourself breakfast but you cut your skin slightly while cutting an onion and your eyes get watery. No not because the cut hurts you but because of the onion. Eventhough you really wanted to weep thinking you can never perform the simple things better and you always fail to be perfect, you don't cry because onion has already given you the tears. And then, you think of hanging out alone to get yourself some fresh air. You go to the station, take a train and have a seat infront of a girl. On seeing her your mind whispers, "Wow, she is gorgeous. Why am I the way I'm. Why don't I look good atleast physically?". Your vision gets blur. You wanted to weep out but you take your eyes out of the window watching the nature and dive deep into your mind and get lost in thoughts.The train reaches its destination, you have no idea how many hours had passed and you got down only to realise that you came back to where you were in the morning. You feel embarrassed, your vision not just gets blurred this time but a tear rolls down. You take a seat and cover your face with your palms thinking, you're not atleast capable of reaching the destination that you desire. You are starving but there isn't any restaurant nearby, so you manage to get a biscuit packet and while you are about to take out the third one, the packet fell apart from your hands, just like that. "Ugh! I'm such a useless idiot, who can't even have my food properly" your mind shouts.

    Somehow you gather the spirit and take the right train this time and by the time you reach your destination it is all dark and cold. You walk along the road, watching the cracked walls, buildings with faded colour and find steps which take you on to a bridge. You take the steps, you get tired and you are all alone in the dark winter, helpless. You wanna scream feeling like the pieces of heart are falling apart and you got depressed. No! Don't be that nincompoop who thinks they are depressed and having anxiety. lt's just that sometimes little issues bother a lot and we can't cope up with them. You take out your mobile to look for time and your wallpaper says, "Take courage". Because it takes courage to get through some ordinary days in life and little things are heaviest which needs a little courage. You reach up, cross the road with heavy traffic to the other corner to look down the bridge. It's all dark and the people are at a distant at which they can't find you. You look down into the river, and you think of jumping into it. But the water with lights reflecting in a line with different colours and the setting around you is pretty much good. You think, the world is so beautiful but you always fail to recognise it. Your heart skips a beat and falls little down into your chest. You cry a little and little more and more anyway. You cry your heart out, flushing all the heaviest things in your head. You feel better?

    That's it. It's okay to cry in the public. In fact you should. The next time I see you crying I won't stop you or write a letter, rather I promise I'll join you.

    A stranger who cried on the same bridge that winter morning.