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    It's our pride not an embarrassment as this thing is giving everything a woman needs in her life, its giving her a value which men lack, they do have other values except this ,or if any woman is not having this thing in her life, and having many problems in life and facing jeers and bad insults of not having periods or not able to give birth, remember she still is strong and having much much value, and as only women are capable to give birth to mankind.

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    Menstrual Cycle

    Bright red blood flowing every month with such a loyalty
    Considered an Embarrassment which is actually a pride and not so ugly

    Without this a woman has no value and there will be no mankind
    So, Why we feeling ashamed when people talk and ask about this and be quiet

    This isn't any crime and shame
    Then why men seeing this as lame

    Every month a woman suffers severe pain and those bad cramps
    She goes through depression with a bit anxiety and lock herself in a room and turn off all the lamps

    With different mood swings and not allowed eating everything
    From 3-5 days she can't even have a good sleep,comfortable positions to sit and tolerating every minute hormone imbalancing

    Baring affliction for a lot of days in a year and lose so much of blood
    So strong a woman is as because a man won't even able to tolerate a bit of such a red flood

    From Ancient times till today to the upcoming generation
    This was happening far before and will still go on with so much suffering and without hospitalisation

    When it's a proud and a hope for giving birth to men
    Then why men thought of this as a shameful filthy thing and neglects it's trauma which she bare as a women

    Instead of supporting her and giving solace
    Why people see her in these days as a disgrace

    Why to feel shy about this when our religion and science is openly speaking about this
    Every other person knowing about this but pretending they know nothing and not want to know and never resists

    When we won't stand with each other as women to take periods as a prideful thing
    Then till the resurrection day women's menstrual cycles will be seen as a dirtiest thing