• zuhaib_hassan 60w

    I have NEVER seen such a week, pathetic, and puppet government as we have in our country rn. The government has failed to establish his writ. The State, Parliament, Jurisdiction System, Law Enforcing Agencies, and Government Institutes are totally collapsed. !

    The government has no direction, no policy, no stance over Corona. We know that our 25% population can't eat two meals a day. In this scenario, the Prime Minister announced a package for the construction industry. The construction industry could have survived without this package. People have contributed a huge amount to the PM Corona fund. IMF has already deferred interest payments for one year. The government announced a relief package amounting to 8 billion dollars too for poor people. If these resources could have used properly we can feed more than 50 million people for at least one month.

    I have a question. We believe in cancer, flue, diphtheria, and other diseases then why not in CORONA VIRUS! "We are afraid of fire because we can feel and see it, but we are not afraid of Hell, because we cannot feel and see it"

    Your LIFE is more important than anything! God forbid if you ever have to choose between health and money, you will definitely go for health. Please take care of yourself and your beloved ones! ALLAH Bless us all.