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    दूर रहो ऐ दुनिया वालो रवैया खराब हमारा है

    I know that this handwriting is not for everyone, I have written it myself thinking and maybe nobody will like it but I do not care about it.

    Like in this picture you are seeing two people whose expressions are very different from each other but they are the same person.
    these two people talk to each other everyday and still these two people want to tell you something here by their nature and experience.


    The body is only one and the nature is many, as many are the characters that are in us. some of those characters are very angry and rude , who dominate your body, those characters repeatedly come in front of people.
    There is also a good person in you and an angry rude too, but in that story, that rude falls heavily on that good person.

    Rude person kills good person from inside every time

    Now he wants to be rude in front of this society all the time and rude person does not care about anyone.

    Nobody wants to accept a rude person, everyone wants only good.
    Even we ourselves do not want to accept that rude person hidden inside us and we start hating him.

    But mera ye maannaa he ki

    You can not change it, if you change it, then you will show off, you will not be natural.

    Yes i am rude and I am proud of myself because I have loved my rude face too, I have accepted it too. Sahi ya galat ab tumhara hu me

    I know people don't like my rude behavior but I can't kill myself to make others happy

    Now there is not as much fighting with others as it is with ourselves

    Others will have to be disturbed later before that the good person inside me has trouble living with that rude person. But I do not even listen to him.

    Now I like to live this way even if people start staying away, this thing gives me more comfort

    There is also a noise that lingers in the silence of this city, the way I see someone else with me now.

    Stay the way you are

    You are good, you are bad, you are gentle, you are hard, you are rude, but for yourself, this is enough for peace i mean
    own satisfaction and that's all for me.

    ab jo he yahi he ��

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