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    When the night falls,
    And you intentionally
    Increase the volume
    Of the earphones,
    Beyond the limit,
    Because you know
    How much you're
    Willing to slow down
    The rhythm of noises
    That consistently
    Dances on your
    Relay neurons.
    You weep so hard
    Beneath the
    Shiny silver
    scar filled moon,
    For you know that
    How it aches to be
    Imperfect with having
    All the potential of
    Beautiful essence.

    When the dewdrops
    Melt at your eyes
    To burn fire in
    So bold-cold heart,
    And you let the whole
    Oxygen of your body
    To stop that fire
    Because you know
    That feelings will
    Dwell you back in
    The picosin of pain
    For the one that has left
    Already taught you
    That the one who will
    Will leave too.
    Your soul pushes away
    The desire of love,
    Because when winter
    Your bare feet and hands
    Make you realise that
    The autumn of your life
    Has never gone.

    When the darkness
    Creates an emperor
    In your faded brown eyes,
    Your glabella
    Turns into the weapon
    With anger for black
    But not even letting
    The constellations of
    Your intelligence
    To reside in.

    You turned into a wolf,
    Dressed in a cloth,
    But the tenderness in your soul,
    Still seeks the worthy
    For letting your woman side
    To come out.


    @harshad09 @acrystalgirl @whiskeyneat @mauve_

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