• aarushi_kapoor 60w

    A message to my school crush

    Years back,
    I saw you, met you.
    And maybe that was a lifetime moment.
    Or was it when we shaked hands for the first time in the corridor of the building.
    Or was it when we shared the same student council clubs.
    Or was it when I watched DDLJ for the first time ever and imagined you as Raj.
    Or was it when the teacher arranged your seat next to me, And probably this annoying, awkward, irritating, talkative, inexpressive, sociable teenager keeping a look at you every nano second.
    Or was it when you asked me for an extra pen, lil weird, insignificant but magical indeed.

    Have you heard about butterflies in the stomach?
    You gave me those whenever you used to be around me.

    What if I had confessed it all to you?
    I can bet. You, a silently loved human would have definitely told me ''Darlin, you live in a world of illusions'' considering love a lengthy note in a world of micropoems.

    But this 16 y/o silly, crazy, communicative, bollywood lover teenager who writes diary every evening and perhaps an aspirant writer who writes poetries that you would never read, believes it not to be true!
    Bc the love I felt, exists as a magical and extraordinary feeling making me feel a little more alive.
    Sticking around without expecting anything in return.
    Isn't this all beautiful?

    Some things remain unsaid, unnoticed and perhaps undervalued like crumpled maple leaves.
    But I nevertheless believe,
    the voice of my poetry is much louder than any confession ever with words acting nothing less than a locked personal diary coated with dust in my shelf, but revealing my secrets. ❤️
    Secrets of my teenage!