• androusakaandy 55w

    What Matters ?

    The people who don't know you but still comments on your everything ?
    Your so called friends who knows what's right for you and what not ?
    That girl/boy whom you had crush on , but he/she don't have the same feelings for you , their talk matters ??
    Or the people who genuinely loves you , but you don't so you try to ignore them and the things they say for you ?

    The whole 7.6 billion people living on the Earth doesn't matter ...
    Just those 6-7 or at max 10 people in your life matters ... Their thoughts and their opinions that matters to us only ...

    And the one person that should matter to us is Ourself

    All of our world is not big as 7.6 billion people , it just contain those 10 people who loves us the most , and if we keep them happy , every other person you know will be happy for you too.

    Try to find out who are those people ... Those 10 people , who have your name at the top of their priority list.