• elisebeth 34w

    What I would tell her

    The question is often asked,
    "What would you tell your younger self?"
    I would tell her don't cry over boys who have no clue what they want
    And forgiveness does not entitle anyone to a second chance with her
    That boundaries are meant to protect her
    And that her value is not measures by being compared nor does it require her to compete.
    I would tell her to embrace each moment,
    Even the unpleasant ones
    Wear that outfit she loved without a care
    And laugh a lot more
    That sometimes we miss opportunities to really be happy
    When we're too busy studying "what if".
    I would tell her to listen more,
    Else we miss the chance to understand others
    And to practice being vocal and honest about her feelings instead of running away from them.
    Most importantly, she should know
    Life is a lesson and even if she didnt know all these things before
    To not worry about it
    In the end, she'll still be okay