• duke511 57w


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    Will my shadow from this long day, still be lingering in my pain?
    I wait in silence, as it wraps its hands around me
    There are sad memories in my mind, can they be erased by the tears I’ve shed?
    Where do I even begin
    laughter no longer reaching my eyes
    vivid memories stuck in my mind, faces I can’t forget
    I reach out far enough, but there’s only my shattered dreams escaping me.

    Like at crossroads,
    I stare blankly for a long time, and suddenly I hear the voice
    the voice that makes me look back
    I’ve grown with every passing moment, feeling sorry to my youth
    the nights I had to sleep alone, holding on to pain
    Time raised me, and nudges me out into the world
    My past self would ask me now;
    ‘Do you think you’re happy enough to laugh?’

    But I won’t stop dreaming
    until my hopes are fulfilled entirely
    And someday in the far future, that child then,
    Would she have gotten all that she ever dreamed of?

    -Someday, The Child