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    Eeeek! I've not posted in what feels like forever! �� Been busy taking care of the family and keeping them safe during this uncertain time. Hope you are all safe and stay safe! Many blessings to all. ❤

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    I am a Taurean woman
    I am a peaceful soul
    I look for no trouble
    I love the earth
    I love pretty flowers and shit
    But most of all
    I love my family and art of all kinds.

    I am loving and loyal
    I'll defend until the end
    I'll help where I can
    Taurean style!
    But don't be mistaken
    Cause if you mess with me and mine
    I'll make you wish you hadn't.

    Should you ever bring out the worst in me
    A storm WILL rise
    Just know...
    You would've earned that shit!

    Love me and mine and be kind
    I'll make sure the same is received.